What could 5G mean for transportation and logistics industry?

When we talk about 5G, we are not just talking about its faster speed and lower latency. With its cloud-native architecture and network slicing capabilities, 5G is expected to revolutionize many sectors including logistics, transportation and supply chains.

Here’s what 5G could mean for logistics industry-

  1. Increased digitization: 5G will introduce the commercial IoT cellular networks with its Massive IoT (MIoT) services. This will allow the use of smart devices on a larger scale which will drive the operational efficiency due to lower lag time and wider coverage.
  2. Minimize supply chain risks: The lower latency of 5G contributes to many of its industrial applications. The location and condition of the goods in a supply can be tracked in real-time with the help of more internet-connected devices. This will significantly reduce the amount errors due to network lag and prevent ‘blind spots’ within the chain.
  3. Usage of autonomous trucks for delivery: 5G will allow the use of more autonomous trucks that can respond quickly to the real-time data transmitted via 5G network. This will provide more control to the stakeholders in order to ensure safer, timely and reliable deliveries.
  4. Faster and safer operations: 5G can create a secure and effective operations environment and its high-bandwidth can support an intelligent transportation system. This transportation system can have an entire ecosystem of applications to improve efficiency of the chain.
  5. Adoption of Augmented Reality: 5G will allow the use of AR applications in warehouse on larger scale and its reduced lag time will improve the user experience of the same. Usage of these AR applications will help reduce errors in warehouse operations.

In upcoming articles, I will share more information about the sectors which can be potentially revolutionized by 5G.

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