Vietnam’s telco Viettel to use its own tech for 5G rollout

Vietnamese telecom giant Viettel has announced that it would make its own equipment for 5G. The company has recently conducted its first 5G video call entirely using in-house Vietnamese tech.

Viettel’s R&D division, Viettel High Technology took around 6 months to complete development of hardware and software required to make the call. Viettel’s new equipment makes it globally the sixth company to produce 5G network device, following Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE. Viettel is the only telecom operator that is capable of producing the network equipment.

Street scene from a Vietnamese town (by The Small Wander)

As per the Viettel’s officials in a press release, the equipment meets ITU standardization and it is compliant with 3GPP standards. Apart from Vietnam, Viettel offers services in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, East Timor, Mozambique, Haiti and a few more countries. These countries are potential markets for the company’s new equipment.

Viettel is targeting to launch 5G civil and military services from June 2020. The launch will make Vietnam one of the first ASEAN countries to jump into the 5G bandwagon. While other countries are considering Ericsson and Nokia to expedite the launch of 5G services, it is commendable that Vietnam came with its competitive home-grown tech.

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