Vietnam to Begin Trials for 5G

Vietnam’s industry is developing rapidly from past few years. It is one of the fastest growing economies of Asia. The country has highly ambitious vision to be one of the first countries to join “fourth industrial revolution”.

As a part of fulfilling this vision, the Vietnamese government has plans to begin trials for 5G in urban areas like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City this year. Amid the country has launched its 4G service only a few years ago, the country expects a commercial rollout of 5G by 2021.

Many media outlets in the country are expecting 5G to be a driver for economic growth, improving many business sectors. Hence, Vietnamese businesses are most likely to benefit from the early adoption of 5G.

The Government of Vietnam has already granted the first license to test 5G services to the country’s major carrier, Viettel – which has 60 million subscribers so far. The operator has been allowed to begin 5G tests in Hanoi and HCMC this year. These trials are expected to be completed by January 2020.

Other operators like MobiFone and Vinafone are also expected to launch their own 5G network by 2021. 5G will provide “fibre-like” data speeds with lowest possible latency to mobile users which is important for AI-driven and data intensive applications such as self-driving cars and remote surgeries.

However, one of the major sectors that is going to benefit from 5G specifically in Vietnam is logistics and supply chain. As the country is going to see a major growth in trade over the coming years, it is going to take advantage of several features of 5G.

Viettel plans to spend $40 million to develop its own 5G technology. While, there are several challenges currently involved to develop 5G technology in-house, Vietnam’s effort to catch up technologically is commendable.

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