September 26, 2022

Verizon Business recently announced the launch of On Site 5G – Verizon’s first private 5G network solution in the US. It is the first commercially available private 5G network solution in the country. The solution is intended for the large enterprises and public sector customers who want to bring private and secure 5G networks in their campuses, manufacturing facilities, warehouses etc. Private 5G will enable the features like real-time edge compute, IoT data applications, and data-intensive applications.

On Site 5G networks are custom-designed and managed by Verizon, allowing large enterprises to bring Verizon’s Ultra-wide Band (UWB) capabilities to indoor and outdoor facilities where high-speed, low-latency and high-capacity is necessary. This is irrespective of whether the premises is within Verizon’s UWB coverage. The solution will allow large enterprises and public sectors to fine-tune the 5G experience as per the demand.

On Site 5G operates as a non-standalone private network that combines 5G UWB small cells with LTE packet core (EPC). That also means On Site LTE customers can upgrade to On Site 5G with ease. It will enable customers with a scalable and customizable platform to take advantage of developments in technologies such as massive IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR. Hence to improve operational efficiency and accelerate digital transformation.