September 28, 2022

UK has decided to continue using Huawei equipment to be used for 5G rollout, despite there is pressure from the US to ban the firm. Huawei will be banned from supplying kit to the sensitive core parts of the network due to security reasons. Telcos will be allowed to use Huawei’s kit in 35% of the network periphery, which includes the radio towers.

The equipment will be banned to use from the areas near nuclear sites and military bases. US had previously suggested about the use of Huawei’s equipment posing a potential spying risk. However, Huawei is in constant denial of such theories reassuring the governments about information safety.

Three out of four of the UK’s telcos have already decided to use and deploy Huawei’s 5G products in the network periphery outside the ‘5G core’. However’s these companies need to restrict their reliance on the Chinese supplier upto 35%. Huawei currently has 45% of market share in the UK.

US administration has opposed this move saying it has ‘disappointed’ with this decision. As per the statement by Britain’s digital secretary, the country is willing to have the world-class connectivity, but not at the expense of national security. Also, high-risk vendors like Huawei will never be involved in the highly sensitive intelligence networks of these countries.

This move is going to give ‘green-signal’ to existing 5G rollout plans of the country’s telcos with minimal disruption.

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