UK seeks an alliance of 10 countries to create alternative 5G equipment

The United Kingdom is pushing to pursue an alliance of ten countries to create an alternative for 5G equipment. This move is being taken to eliminate dependency of Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei. The 5G alliance (dubbed as D10 alliance) would include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, South Korea, UK and US.

UK has currently allowed Huawei to build upto 35% of its 5G network infrastructure. However, post-coronavirus situation, relations of G7 nations with China are deteriorating. The UK government is currently drawing up plans to completely cut-off Huawei from UK’s 5G networks. Apart from Huawei, Sweden’s Ericsson and Finland’s Nokia are currently the only suppliers of 5G kit for the networks across the world.

UK officials have explained the need to see a new entrant in the market since Nokia and Ericsson currently cannot supply 5G kits as faster and cheaper as Huawei. The motive behind this alliance is “to allow more 5G equipment providers in order to diversify the market”. At the same time, these providers will follow the standard security guidelines approved by the D10 alliance in contrast to Huawei.

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