September 23, 2022

Smart Communications from the Philippines has switched on its 5G SA network in the Makati metro region. With this launch, it has become one of the first operators to launch standalone 5G network around the world. This will be an opportunity for Smart to position itself at the forefront of the 5G innovations in the country.

With the first batch of 5G SA sites fully operational, it will open a platform for Smart to test true capabilities of 5G. It will play a critical role in the advancement of massive IoT, industrial automation, smart healthcare and smart cities, delivering a true world-class experience. It will also create opportunities for consumers and enterprises to maximize its ultra-reliable and low-latency capabilities.

With the 5G SA network in place, Smart has upgraded its 5G facilities to connect to 5G core instead of EPC. Thus, Smart can soon offer Voice over NR (VoNR) and network slicing capabilities. Smart has announced that it has also made its first successful VoNR call at its research facility in Smart tower in Makati city.