Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series to support all flavors of 5G, first of its kind

Samsung is making 5G available to more consumers with the launch of new Galaxy S20 series. The new series comprises of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra, all of which are set to launch with 5G variants. Out of these, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra will support both flavors of 5G – Sub6 as well as mmWave in standalone and non-standalone mode. However, Galaxy S20 currently only supports Sub6 variant of 5G in standalone and non-standalone mode.

Two of these S20s, S20+ and S20 Ultra will harness true potential of 5G mmWave with multi-gigabit download speeds upto 5 Gbps! These can also connect to mid-band and low-band of 5G with download speeds little faster than LTE ensuring seamless coverage. However, these multi-band premium experiences will come with premium price tags starting at $1,199 for the base model of S20+ and $1,399 for S20 Ultra.

Verizon is the only operator in the US that supports mmWave 5G, will start selling $999 entry-level mmWave version S20 in Q2 2020. S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra differ in display with sizes such as 6.2 inch, 6.7 inch and 6.9 inch respectively. S20 and S20+ both sport 64 MP primary camera lens and S20 Ultra sports a whooping 108 MP lens that offers 100x zoom capability (overkill!?)

It’s good to see more and more flagships launching with 5G and we expect more to arrive soon.

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