Nigeria becomes the first country in West African region to conduct the 5G trial

South African telecommunications company, MTN has conducted its 5G trial for the first time in West African region. This trial has begun in Nigeria, which will be the part of MTN’s 2020 initial target.

This trial was organized in an event in the capital city of Abuja. There was the presence of top government officials along with representatives from Huawei. During this event, several applications of 5G were demonstrated, which includes virtual reality, gaming and 3D holographic communication as a PoC. Many authorities believed that 5G will open a plethora of new possibilities and innovations for Nigeria and its people.

Nigeria’s communication council (NCC) has allocated trial spectrum for MTN. The company will continue to run these tests for three more months to ensure that it is efficient and sustainable. The first trial has achieved the throughput of 2 Gbps with latency less than 5ms, which is highest ever on any mobile network in Africa.

The major difference between 4G and 5G is the latency. That means, data is sent and received faster than 4G. Currently, only countries ready for 5G in African continent are South Africa and Lesotho, which have small 5G networks up and running. With this trial, the next-gen network will soon grow in more West African countries.

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