September 22, 2022

Jio Platforms, India’s largest telecom operator has plans to use Samsung’s latest 5G radio solution for mid-band 5G spectrum. Samsung has developed 5G wideband radios to support the mid-band spectrum efficiently. The next-gen radios are capable of supporting extended bandwidth, including massive MIMO radios.

These new radios will help Jio to deploy mid-band 5G in a more cost-effective way. These can also support 400 MHz bandwidth, nearly double compared to its current-generation radios. With double bandwidth support, Jio can efficiently manage 5G network in the mid-band spectrum using lesser hardware. Mid-band frequencies help deliver the better service coverage with higher data speeds and lower latency.

Samsung’s wideband radio solutions will be commercially available in 2022 as the company has announced. Jio is already using the 4G equipment supplied by Samsung in its pan-India LTE network. Jio already has plans to develop homegrown 5G. The partnership with Samsung for 5G radios will help the telco for a faster rollout.

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