India’s Bharti Airtel to deploy Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution

Bharti Airtel becomes the first operator from India to deploy vRAN (virtual Radio Access Network) based LTE network that leverages Altiostar’s open vRAN solution across major Indian cities. The solution being 5G ready, the seamless evolution to 5G will be on the way.

RAN is usually a network component that demands a lot of operating costs from MNOs. But Altiostar’s open vRAN solution opens an opportunity for Airtel for several cost efficiencies and innovation on the radio access network. As cloud-based vRAN is crucial requirement for network slicing, Airtel is also setting the foundation for rollout of 5G applications and use cases. Altiostar’s solution is an innovative approach for maximizing hardware performance and efficiency for 5G networks.

Bharti Airtel is a member of O-RAN alliance and has played an active role in Open vRAN standardization.

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