Huawei Achieves Milestones in 5G Speed

Recent speed test from Chinese network manufacturer Huawei has seen record breaking speed for 5G in a standalone single-user environment.

The test was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey. Huawei has built its 3GPP compliant network at Turk Telecom facility. The test has achieved speeds in excess of 2.92 Gbps. This is a demonstration of theoretical potential of 5G using commercial equipment. The device used for this test was Huawei Mate X on Turk Telecom’s 5G SIM card.

With this test, Turk Telecom also became the first operator to experiment 5G NR carrier aggregation technology. Huawei’s C-Band Carrier Aggregation technology binds multiple spectrum bands to deliver unprecedented speeds and capacity.

While US has blacklisted Huawei due to allegations of national security concerns, it is also urging its allies to ban Huawei from 5G rollouts. However, such warnings have very limited impact on European countries, where Huawei is a key partner for major operators. Also, Huawei’s 5G network kit is more advanced than other players and hence the operators are skeptic to replace it.

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