China kicks of R&D of 6G

Amid their recent aggressive 5G launch, China is already looking forward to 6G.

As per the announcement from China’s Science and Technology ministry, it has formed a couple of teams for initial research and study of 6G. One of the team will consist of Government officials who will be in charge of the execution of the technology, while the other team will have a number of experts from universities, science institutions and corporations who will provide technical advice on Government’s crucial decisions on the technology.

While the world has barely started using 5G, which is expected to offer 10 times faster speeds as compared to 4G, it is too early to say what 6G could offer, what technologies it would utilize and which sectors it would improve. By announcing the R&D of 6G, China is already laying the foundation for developing the technology. The ministry will start to draft a roadmap for development as well as exploring potential applications of 6G.

This announcement follows only few days after Chinese telecom operators have rolled out their commercial 5G plans starting from the prices as low as $20. 130,000 more 5G base stations are intended to be activated by the end of the year. This is going to make Chinese telecom already the largest 5G market globally, while US and South Korea are still catching up.

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