AIS becomes the first Thai operator to launch 5G

Thailand’s leading mobile operator, AIS (Advanced Information Services) has launched its 5G service on 2600 MHz band acquired from the recent auction. AIS has highest market share in Thailand. The telco plans to spend additional 450 billion USD on 5G network expansion in next 12 months.

AIS has thousands of cell sites compatible with 2600 MHz band for 5G services. However, the full-fledged 5G adaption needs collaboration from all related stakeholders. AIS chief has invited all the industries to collaborate to shape up the ecosystem and develop the use cases. AIS currently has 16 million customers on LTE network. These customers can immediately benefit from the 5G service with 400% increased data speed, provided they have 5G handsets compatible with 2600 MHz band.

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Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy S20 Ultra can be used with AIS’s 5G network, the same will be available in the country from March 6. Promotional packages for AIS’s 5G service will be introduced by April.

Currently, no information is available on mmWave 5G network of AIS. However, the country’s second largest operator True Move H Universal Communications (TUC) has acquired nine licenses on 2600 MHz band and eight licenses on 26 GHz mmWave band. TUC plans to use seven of these licenses for 5G service with the launch underway.

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