5G Updates from Qualcomm Analyst Day 2019

Qualcomm president, Cristiano Amon today offered a roadmap of the global rollout of 5G networks at Analyst Day 2019 held at NYC. He suggested that the 5G is expected to be broadly available across major metropolitan areas in 2020, followed by wider rollout in developing countries in 2021.

As per the visuals shared by Qualcomm, the low-band (sub-6 GHz) version of 5G is going to be widespread during 2020. This includes initial rollouts in India, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil and Chile. Perhaps, millimeter wave 5G will be deployed in Japan, South Korea and Russia during 2020. US carriers Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile already have their 5G networks on both sub-6 GHz as well as mmWave bands. Although, Sprint is exclusive to sub-6 GHz.

After 2021, mid-band (sub-6 GHz) 5G will spread into remaining countries like Nigeria, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and other smaller European markets. During the same time, mmWave 5G will spread into markets which mentioned above, which will already be have mid-band 5G networks. EU requires all the member nations to support 26 GHz mmWave band by the end of 2020.

Qualcomm also announced that 5G will be available across its entire portfolio of products – which includes Snapdragon 6xx, 7xx and 8xx SoCs. All the flagship smartphones will support 5G “regardless of the network coverage” in the given market. The support will also be available on mid-budget devices.

In a nutshell, 5G rollout will be faster than 4G and Qualcomm projects 225 million handsets in 2020, with more than 450 million in 2021. 5G is also expected to be a big driver for technologies like IoT, AR/VR, mobile gaming, virtual presence and more.

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