India’s 5Gi to be merged with 3GPP standards

India’s local 5G standard, called 5Gi is to be merged with the global 5G standard of 3GPP. The local standard was created to cater to the connectivity demands of Indian rural market. This unification is supposed to be a part of 3GPP release 17. As per the chief of TSDSI (Telecom Standard Development committee of India), this is a big step taken towards India’s goal to offer enhanced coverage across rural, remote and urban areas.

There is a skepticism that this merger process will delay the launch of 5G in India, as it will be additional burden for carriers to support the standard. And also it might result into technology fragmentation and interoperability challenges.

The merger of these standards will enable a single common specification going forward. This idea of merging has received positive feedback from global stakeholders. The 5Gi and 3GPP-5G merger is a huge milestone. I will be a key enabler to achieve high-speed, high quality connectivity for all as 5G roleout starts in India.