Tim Cook on iPhone 5G

In a recent earnings call with Apple, Tim Cook had described sales growth for iPhone 11 lineup. When asked about iPhone 5G in works, he said that 5G is still in its ‘early innings’, though the competitors like Samsung and Huawei are already selling their 5G phones.

Concept designs of iPhone 12

It’s pretty much clear that the Apple CEO isn’t hyping us on iPhone 5G. But it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t see it come out later this year in at least one variant of iPhone 12. Apple has been widely rumored to be developing a 5G iPhone for September launch event as per the reports from Bloomberg.

For obvious reasons, 5G wouldn’t be a mainstream standard until there is a 5G iPhone in flesh. But sparse availability of the technology and slow pace of deployment are main reasons for Apple to downplay the idea.

Currently, Verizon and AT&T’s 5G networks are available in 31 and 5 cities respectively across the United States.

Singaporean telcos jointly bid for 5G license

Two of the major telcos from Singapore – StarHub and M1 have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly bid for 5G license nearly three weeks before the closing date of applications, which is 17 February 2020.

Singapore’s regulatory authority Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) had announced about the availability of 5G licenses back in October. These licenses would allow the operators to run 5G services in standalone (SA) mode. The licenses were supposed to provide 3.5 GHz spectrum chunk for standalone 5G networks.

All four telecom operators in Singapore – M1, StarHub, Singtel and TPG were asked to submit their proposals for these two spectrum packages in bidding. As per their exclusive agreement, StarHub and M1 are going to jointly submit 5G proposal rather than submitting it individually.

Telcos that are provided with the license will be required to deploy 5G network in standalone mode on 3.5 GHz band with support for the applications such as network slicing as well as URLLC.

IMDA also said that the telcos which miss out on these two 5G licenses will be provided with two lots of 800 MHz mmWave spectrum chunk. The same will be used to offer 5G services on existing 4G networks in non-standalone (NSA) mode. However, it will not be a full-fledged 5G experience though the speeds will be higher than 4G.

India to get its first 5G phone next month

Chinese mobile manufacturer iQOO is all set to launch its 5G-ready phones in India during February 2020. The company is targeting to sell one million units in the fastest growing smartphone market through online channels. The company will launch both 4G as well as 5G variants of its phones in premium segments.

The directors of iQOO feel that 5G support will help the company overcome its initial barriers. Many Chinese companies are using 5G to disrupt the new markets across the globe. It is a dominating factor over other specifications like faster processor, more RAM and better camera.

The Government of India is planning its first 5G spectrum auction in Q2 2020. Even though the devices will be available in the first quarter itself, it will take at least another year for the technology to be fully ready for the public use.

iQOO is a subsidiary of Vivo, which is backed by BBK Electronics. The company will share its manufacturing facility with Vivo in India. iQOO currently operates independently in China.